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Golden Gate Biosphere Region Climate Adaptation Workshop
December 4th and 5th, 2023 • San Francisco, CA • Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture
Rows of hills shrouded by fog; the top of the Golden Gate Bridge is visible in the backgroundThis adaptation workshop is one part of the Golden Gate Biosphere Climate Adaptation Project, a collaborative effort between EcoAdapt and the Golden Gate Biosphere Network (GGBN). The purpose of this project is to conduct vulnerability assessments and develop climate-informed adaptation strategies for focal ecosystems and species in the Golden Gate Biosphere (GGB) region, which encompasses the Bay Area of California. 
The goal of this two-day workshop is to develop a suite of climate-informed adaptation strategies and actions for several focal ecosystems and species in the GGB region. We will also be sharing the results of vulnerability assessments and spatial analyses completed for this project, and highlighting opportunities for collaboration among GGBN member organizations. Overall, this workshop aims to build the capacity of participants to understand and incorporate information about expected climate impacts and vulnerability into conservation planning and management.
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