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Climate change adaptation is still an emerging field where practice and learning are happening simultaneously. EcoAdapt is expediting research to understand the state of the adaptation field and the effectiveness of adaptation actions (and processes), while innovating new approaches to adaptation.
In addition to our rapidly expanding work on evidence gathering for adaptation efficacy, we also have past established work on adpatation options analysis (determine what actions are being applied to solve various climate challenges) and assessing the state of adaptation in specific sectors through surveys and literature syntheses. Case studies from these State of Adaptation syntheses can be found on the CAKE website. We are happy to work with partners to design and undertake research to support the advancement of adaptation.
Need Help Getting Started? 
Use EcoAdapt's Adaptation Starter Kit, which includes a recommended list of resources, tools, and adaptation examples.
Check out EcoAdapt's Adaptation Ladder of Engagement™ to find where you are and where you need to go.