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Smart Conservation in a Climate Change World: How to Fit Climate Change Adaptation into your Organizational Goals
October 3, 2010 • Hartford, CT

Event: Land Trust Rally

Climate change doesn’t mean that you have to panic or close your eyes and pretend it isn’t happening. This session is designed to provide an understanding of the basic approaches and tools for land trust practitioners to begin to incorporate climate change into their existing conservation planning and management efforts. A team of experts will explore key concepts and principles in adaptation, and present case studies of planning and management strategies that are underway. The session will also include a climate change clinic in which participants will start applying adaptation principles to their own conservation plans and issues. 

Participants should be prepared to briefly describe their own work. Panelists will work with participants to apply the principles and tools of adaptation in order to develop ways to address climate change in participant conservation plans. Come ready to brainstorm, leave ready to act.

Agenda & Speakers
  • Jennie Hoffman, senior scientist at EcoAdapt, will lead the seminar and provide the framework for adaptation
  • Kim Hall, Great Lakes Climate Change Ecologist for The Nature Conservancy, will focus on restoration
  • John O’Leary, Fisheries Biologist with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, will talk about how the cutting edge State Wildlife Action Plan implementation plan it prepared addresses climate change and how land trusts can be involved in and benefit from these planning processes
  • Erika Rowland, Climate Change Biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society will focus on land management
  • Bruce Stein, Associate Director, Wildlife Conservation & Global Warming, with the National Wildlife Foundation will talk about what’s next with federal action
  • Mike Whitfield, coordinator of the Heart of the Rockies Initiative, will talk about how land trusts can work to adapt landscape-scale conservation to climate change
Reading & Resources
Adaptation Case Studies Involving Land Trusts:
Useful Websites: