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Adaptation Planning Workshop for the Sierra Nevada

June 4-5, 2013 • Sacramento, CA • California State University
This is the second of two workshops on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning for the Sierra Nevada. The goal of this workshop (4-5 June 2013) is to develop and prioritize adaptation strategies for key resources and regions. This 1.5-day workshop will include: (1) a review of the results of the vulnerability assessment for key resources; (2) presentation of spatial analysis and mapping for the region and resources as well as discussion around how the information can be used to inform regional management decisions; (3) introduction to and exploration of adaptation planning approaches; (4) development of adaptation strategies for the region and resources; and (5) prioritization of adaptation actions including what, where, when, and who will implement. Results from this workshop including synthesis documents, supporting resources, and presentations will be made available through the California Climate Commons and EcoAdapt websites.
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