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Climate-­Informed Community and Natural Resource Planning Workshops in Salmon, ID

July 29-30, 2015 • Salmon, ID • Sacajawea Center
Community Climate Forum
This community forum will offer a chance to review the basics of climate change with fellow citizens, explore your concerns and community needs, and dialogue with others about what we can do individually and collectively. We will explore topics such as drought, increased fire, insect and disease outbreaks, and changes in water supply and what these mean for natural resources, agriculture, and the community.
The forum will consist of short presentations about climate impacts and what we can do about them, case studies from other communities and how they have responded to climate challenges, facilitated small-group discussions regarding community needs and concerns, and a community listening session to share concerns. We hope this forum will be first step in opening up the climate dialogue and will help us all be more effective in whatever actions we choose to take.
Lemhi Forest Restoration Group Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to evaluate potential vulnerabilities of current natural resource management projects and activities in the region to climate change, and to collaboratively identify climate adaptation options for reducing these vulnerabilities.This workshop will be very interactive and participants will contribute input via small working groups. This workshop is co-hosted by EcoAdapt and Salmon Valley Stewardship.
Workshop activities include an overview of historical and projected climate changes and impacts for natural resources of the region; an introduction to climate change adaptation, including several case studies demonstrating on-the-ground adaptation actions; and small working group activities to evaluate vulnerabilities of current projects and identify climate adaptation options for reducing project vulnerabilities and/or increasing resilience.
Agenda & Speakers
Reading & Resources
Community Climate Forum Fact Sheets & Handouts
Lemhi Forest Restoration Group Materials & Handouts
Additional Resources
Climate Change Information
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