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Golden Gate Biosphere Climate Change Vulnerability Workshop

December 6th & 7th, 2022 • Virtual Series
This two-day workshop is part of a larger project to look at the vulnerabilities of ecosystems and species in the Golden Gate Biosphere region and to develop adaptation strategies and actions for these resources. The goal of this workshop is to assess the vulnerability to climate change of a suite of focal ecosystems and species identified by members of the Golden Gate Biosphere Network. Specific workshop objectives include:
  1. Provide participants with an overview of observed and projected future climate trends for the region.
  2. Assess vulnerabilities of habitats and species to climate change including evaluating sensitivity, exposure, and adaptive capacity.
  3. Present example case studies of moving from vulnerability assessments to developing adaptation strategies, and provide participants with an overview of next steps.
Agenda & Speakers
Workshop Agenda
Reading & Resources
Focal Ecosystems & Species Selected for the Golden Gate Climate Adaptation Project:
  • Ecosystems: (1) Coast redwood forests; (2) Coastal dunes; (3) Coastal prairie; (4) Coastal scrub; (5) Freshwater marshes; (6) Maritime chaparral; (7) Mixed evergreen forests; (8) Open oak woodlands/savanna; (9) Riparian forests/woodlands; (10) Tidal marshes
  • Species:(1) Belted kingfisher; (2) Brandt's cormorant; (3) California black oak; (4) California red-legged frog; (5) Coho and steelhead; (6) Mission blue butterfly; (7) Mountain lion; (8) San Bruno elfin butterfly; (9) San Francisco common yellowthroat; (10) Sanderlings; (11) Serpentine endemic rare plants; (12) Western leatherwood
Recommended Resources: