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Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange: Building an Adaptation Community Workshop
October 2, 2010 • Snowbird, UT • 17th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

While many researchers, conservation practitioners and resource managers understand the reality of climate change they are often still challenged by what to do about it. As a result the conservation community needs assistance in developing its thinking on dealing with climate change, finding the information or data it needs to make informed decisions, and finding people to interact with on this topic as individuals develop their own approaches.

This half-day workshop will provide context, guidance, and examples of how climate change adaptation or resilience building is being addressed in these fields. It will also invite participants to become part of a scientific and management community aimed at building a robust field of climate change adaptation in the hopes of making it definable and approachable to a broader community.

Participants will be introduced to a new, interactive online tool called the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), which can help support practitioners’ efforts. Participants will begin to develop climate change adaptation and resilience strategies for incorporation in their own work through presentation of case studies, exploration of CAKE, and discussion of personal experiences. 

Discussion will focus on successes and challenges – what has worked and what has not – as well as what information might be needed that is not currently or readily available. Participants will also have access to spatial data organization and visualization tools provided by the Data Basin Climate Center, one of CAKE’s primary partners.

Agenda & Speakers
  • Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt Chief Scientist and Executive Director, will facilitate the workshop and provide a primer to climate change adaptation.

  • Rachel Gregg, EcoAdapt Scientist, will provide a tour of CAKE and its functionality.

  • Tosha Comendant, Conservation Biology Institute Senior Conservation Biologist, will provide an overview of Data Basin, highlighting the Climate Center and some key features relevant to wildlife management.

Reading & Resources

Adaptation Case Studies About Wildlife on CAKE:

Useful Websites: