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Northern California Climate Adaptation Project Products
The goal of the Northern California Climate Adaptation Project is to increase the understanding of and capacity to reduce climate-related vulnerabilities of habitats and species of natural and cultural importance in northwestern California. For more information about the project, please visit the project page.
Product Descriptions
The Overview of Climate Trends and Projections summarizes observed changes and expected future conditions for the Northern California Climate Adaptation Project study area.
The Vulnerability/Adaptation Summaries (linked below) provide a high-level overview of vulnerability for habitats and associated species within the four major habitat groups (coastal habitats, forest and woodland habitats, freshwater habitats, and shrubland and grassland habitats), as well as a table of adaptation strategies and actions linked to those vulnerabilities.
The Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses (linked below) provide an in-depth review of how habitats and species are likely to be impacted by climate change, and include information gathered from regional experts, the scientific literature, and peer-review comments and revisions. Each synthesis examines the sensitivity of a given habitat, species, or species group to climate change, its exposure to projected changes, and its capacity to adapt. The aim of these syntheses is to expand understanding of habitat and species vulnerability to changing climate conditions, and to provide a foundation for developing appropriate adaptation responses.
The Adaptation Strategies and Actions Table presents a suite of potential adaptation strategies and actions for the northern California study area, which were generated by area stakeholders and supplemented by strategies and actions from previous EcoAdapt workshops and sources in the scientific literature. Adaptation actions are provided for the four major habitat groups, and action listed in the table has been evaluated by a number of criteria meant to assist land managers in identifying and prioritizing actions for implementation (e.g., effectiveness, feasibility, potential co-benefits and consequences).
The Adaptation Implementation Workshop Proceedings summarize the activities and outcomes of the Northern California Adaptation Implementation Workshops held for the Redding and Eureka/Arcata regions in November 2021. The report includes an overview of climate adaptation planning and a description of the workshop activities, then presents adaptation implementation plans created by workshop participants for six priority sites within the northwestern California study area.
A recording of the May 3, 2022 webinar "Supporting Incorporation of Climate Change Into Federal Plan Revisions for Northern California" is also available here, along with the associated slides:
Coastal Habitats
Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses
Forest & Woodland Habitats
Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses
Late-Successional-Dependent Species (e.g., Pacific fisher)
Shrubland & Grassland Habitats
Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses
Freshwater Habitats
Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses
Habitats: Freshwater Marshes
Species: Frogs
Endemic Habitats
Vulnerability Assessment Syntheses
Habitats: Endemic Habitats (e.g., caves, cliffs and talus slopes, etc.)
Species: Bats