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Examples of Adaptation Projects: Case Studies
We categorize adaptation examples, representing diverse activities, sectors, and targeted climate impacts, into five broad categories:
  • Natural Resource Management and Conservation: Strategies include incorporating future climate conditions and impacts into existing or future policies and plans, and changing management to enhance ecosystem connectivity, resilience, and monitoring and research efforts, among others.
  • Capacity Building: Strategies include acquiring or training staff; increasing organizational capacity; coordinating planning and management; investing in planning, training, and outreach efforts; collecting additional information; and conducting vulnerability assessments and studies, among others.
  • Infrastructure, Planning, and Development: Strategies include improving existing or designing new infrastructure to withstand the effects of climate change; creating or modifying shoreline development measures (i.e. removing shoreline hardening, restoring coastal vegetation to minimize erosion, encouraging low impact development along shorelines); and incorporating climate change concerns in community and shoreline planning, among others.
  • Governance and Policy: Strategies include maintaining or obtaining financial, public health, and technological resources; creating new or enhancing existing policies; and developing adaptation plans, among others.
  • Adaptation Two-fers: Strategies including mitigation and adaptation action that can be mutually beneficial.
The case studies presented in these sections are taken from EcoAdapt’s State of Adaptation Program on the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) web site. Link directly to those sites for additional information and examples.