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A Tool for Natural Resource Agencies
Climate change has implications for both the effectiveness and hazard risk potential of many projects and activities undertaken or reviewed by natural resource management agencies. Failing to evaluate the potential vulnerability of a project or action prior to implementation or approval can lead to missed opportunities to improve design, optimize siting or otherwise reduce risk. While this tool is most easily used in evaluating a place-based project, it can be used to assess the climate savviness of many types of actions as well as policies.
How Can I Use the Checklist?
This tool is designed to help you determine if, given climate change, your project will continue to deliver intended benefits.
The Checklist supports your ability to:
  • Explicitly evaluate the implications of future conditions on project function, longevity and impact
  • Build climate consideration directly into funding, permitting and planning phases
  • Reduce liabilities or avoid actions that will be ineffective under future conditions
STEP 1: Climate Quick Check
Identify which aspects of climate change will be relevant to the project over its lifetime by consdering a range of indicators.
STEP 2: Evaluation of Climate Impact on a Project
Explore how those relevant aspects of climate change may affect the project by answering specific questions and considering available data.
STEP 3: Synopsis & Adaptation Options
For each identified vulnerability in STEP 2, develop adaptation options to avoid, minimze or mitigate future negative impacts, while delivering intended benefits. Use adaptation support resources to find potential options.
Adaptation Checklist for Climate Smart Projects ©2022 EcoAdapt
This project was supported by the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC)
and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife