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Letter from the Executive Director
Greetings and Salutations to the Adaptation Interested!
Welcome to EcoAdapt’s online presence. We hope that you find our website both informative, motivational and maybe a little fun—key components of the EcoAdapt ethos. When we started EcoAdapt in 2008, we thought it was a good idea but didn't really know if anyone else would agree. As we have discovered through myriad interactions and partnerships with individuals and organizations, there is certainly a need for people like us who bring a depth of climate science knowledge to help others apply adaptation solutions to all the important work they do. We have received generous support from funders and have moved the adaptation needle forward by developing collaborations with a variety of organizations across the country and around the world—check our Partners page to find more about them all. We have developed four core areas of focus, these include:
I invite you to check out the Programs page to find out what we're doing and how we might be able to assist your efforts to incorporate climate change into what you do. Our efforts attract attention from others, our In the News section is occasionally updated with EcoAdapt mentions and activities. You are also welcome to attend one of online or in person events.
EcoAdapt has attracted not only interesting partners and projects but a remarkable group of people that make it happen every day. Some members of our team have over 25 years of experience in climate change science, conservation, adaptation, and policy, and undertook some of the earliest work in this field, including developing Climate Camps to help managers, practitioners, and others create adaptation strategies applicable to their work. They were on the adaptation vanguard. Others are newer to the field and bursting with new ideas and fresh perspective. All members of the team have a wealth of life experiences that inform how they approach adaptation and how they help others approach it too! The Team page will let you meet us all.
If you want to find out more about what we’ve written and created, check out our library in the Resources section. There you’ll find most of the documents that we have authored on climate change adaptation. In the About section you learn about our approach, our mission, and some other details you might find interesting.
Thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope that you'll learn a little more about what we do, be inspired to participate in our efforts, and maybe become an EcoAdapt partner. You can start by joining our mailing list.
Oh, I almost forgot, since we’re a non-profit, we’d be thrilled to have you support our work through a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will help us keep the adaptation research, education and implementation going. General support is hard to come by and it really is what allows us to come up with some of our most innovative adaptation ideas.
Adaptively yours,
Lara J. Hansen
Chief Scientist & Executive Director