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Whitney Reynier, B.S.
Associate Scientist
As an Associate Scientist, Whitney helps the EcoAdapt team with a variety of climate adaptation projects. She primarily provides key research and workshop support to the Adaptation Consultation and State of Adaptation programs, and loves finding new ways to generate, summarize, and present climate information for managers and planning professionals to use in their own regional climate analyses and adaptation strategy development efforts.

Whitney earned a Bachelor of Science at Santa Clara University in 2013, double majoring in Environmental Science and Biology. Whitney comes from a broad science background; she has conducted field research in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and has worked on various environmental initiatives and environmental justice campaigns in the United States, Argentina, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. No matter the region or ecosystem, Whitney has a keen interest in helping manage natural landscapes for the benefit of both nature and people, especially in the face of a changing climate.

When not working, Whitney spends all of her time outdoors. She is an avid runner, rock climber, hiker, surfer, and skier, and also excels at finding the best hammock-supporting trees. She enjoys cooking, reading, and volunteering at a local wildlife rehabilitation clinic.