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WendyKay Gewiss
Program Coordinator
WendyKay was introduced to Lara Hansen and the EcoAdapt organization in 2008 while serving as the Development Director for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. While there she had the opportunity to work with numerous funders, grantees and conservation enthusiasts and when she met Lara, she knew that EcoAdapt was something special indeed.

In early 2011, she joined the EcoAdapt team in the role as Development Coordinator. In 2013 she helped coordinate the Inaugural National Adaptation Forum in Denver, CO and the 2nd Forum in St. Louis, MO in 2015. The success of the National Adaptation Forum has been surprising and at the same time an inevitable and much needed and respected reality in this uncertain time of climate change. With over 1,300 combined participants attending both Forums, and an anticipated 1,000 plus adaptation partners joining us in Saint Paul, May 9-11, 2017 - I very much look forward to working with the EcoAdapt team and local partners to bring the Forum to the adaptation community.

"After a long and successful career in corporate America, it was time to give something back to the community. Working for a small but mighty and growing non-profit has been very rewarding. Working for EcoAdapt means I can make a difference not only locally, but globally. Climate change impacts each of us daily, whether through increased food or fuel costs, sea-level rise, droughts and flooding. Being a part of this talented group of climate change adaptation advocates allows me the opportunity to make a small but mighty difference too."