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Tera Johnson, B.A.
CAKE Program Assistant
Tera supports EcoAdapt’s Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) program, which supports managers, planners, and other practitioners as they work to prepare for and respond to climate change. She is excited to contribute her interest in both climate change and communication to an organization dedicated to making climate change adaptation more engaging and accessible.
Tera’s interest in the environment extends beyond her love for the outdoors – she’s incorporated this passion into her coursework and post-graduate experiences. Tera comes from a background in science, having earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Skidmore College in 2014. She’s participated in various climate change research experiences, from monitoring how native plant ranges in Oregon and Washington respond to climate change, to measuring soil carbon dioxide flux in California’s grasslands. Tera finds climate change issues not only the most interesting to address, but perhaps the most imperative. She is excited about helping diverse stakeholders overcome tough climate challenges through meaningful support and capacity building.

When she isn’t working, you’ll likely find Tera drawing (and probably drinking too much coffee). In 2015, she co-founded a two women art collective called Two Photon Art, and actively works with her partner to combine art and science in fun ways that inspire people to create their own art or pursue scientific topics.