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Paul Marshall, Ph.D.
Reef Ecologic
Dr Paul Marshall is Director of Reef Ecologic and Adjunct Associate Professor with the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at University of Queensland. He was the founder and Director of the Climate Change Program at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Program Leader for the Australia-Caribbean Coral Reef Collaboration (funded by AusAID).

Paul is passionate about the ocean and has spent many years studying and working to protect coral reefs. He is a leading expert in applied conservation science, and has been a key player in Australian and international efforts to integrate climate change into coral reef conservation and management for over a decade. Working at the boundary between science and management, his research focuses on integration of social and ecological information for improved decision-making, operationalizing resilience for coral reef management, adaptive policy and application of systems thinking for improved conservation outcomes.

He worked with Australiaís Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority for 14 years, and has ongoing collaborations with governments, major NGOs and international organizations to advise on climate change adaptation and strategic conservation. He has over 45 peer-reviewed publications on applied reef ecology and conservation practice, including the milestone references The Great Barrier Reef and Climate Change: A Vulnerability Assessment and A Reef Managerís Guide to Coral Bleaching. His research has attracted over 3500 citations and he has sourced over $11 million in funding for work at the science-policy interface.

Paul gained his PhD from James Cook University in 2000, and remains closely involved in applied research (ecological and social) as well as management and policy for reef conservation. He has over 2000 dives on coral reefs around the world, and still loves to get in the water.