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Kathryn Braddock, M.S.
Associate Scientist
As an Associate Scientist Kathryn supports a range of research and projects, including EcoAdaptís State of Adaptation Program, by surveying practitioners and writing case studies with the goals of facilitating climate awareness and building capacity for adaptation. Kathryn is dedicated to increasing climate adaptation knowledge and believes that access to accurate and reliable information on climate change and adaptation is a right of all people. Prior to joining EcoAdapt, Kathryn worked in a variety of positions dealing with aspects of climate change, ecology, and conservation. At Florida International University, Kathryn researched the motivations and perceptions of land conservation participants, using the results of this project to inform land trust conservation efforts in Michigan. Kathryn has also worked with grassroots conservation and outreach efforts in Miami and the Galapagos Islands to build resilience and knowledge collaboration capacity. Kathrynís diverse experiences have ignited a passion for working closely with communities, particularly those at high risk or vulnerability, to better understand and facilitate climate change adaptation and conservation relationships. Kathryn comes from a background of natural and social science research and her current interests include the human dimensions of natural resource management as well as environmental and social justice issues. She earned her Master's of Environmental Studies at Florida International University and her Bachelor's in Biology and Anthropology at the University of Miami. Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys traveling, adventures, meeting new people, having a laugh with friends and family, and getting lost in thought and the wonders of the natural world.