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Jessica Hitt, B.A.
Scientist and CAKE Program Manager
Jessica Hitt is a Scientist and Program Manager at EcoAdapt. She manages the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE; Program, a cutting-edge climate adaptation focused knowledge sharing platform and community of practice. In addition, Jessica provides research and programmatic support to a wide range of EcoAdaptís projects and research efforts. Jessica has been with EcoAdapt since 2009 and has broad experience training and building the capacity of adaptation practitioners, developing communities of practice, and facilitating adaptation knowledge exchange. Jessica also created and managed the EcoAdapt-Allianz Foundation Youth Climate Change project, which engaged youth in Washington, DC on climate change issues through an integrated educational program that focused on community action and civic engagement. She currently serves on the United Nation Environment Programmeís Global Adaptation Network (GAN) Steering Committee, the U.S. National Adaptation Forumís Program Committee, the California Adaptation Forumís General Advisory Committee, and the Interagency Land Management Adaptation Group.

Prior to joining the EcoAdapt team, she worked in the Climate Change Program at the World Wildlife Fund. During her time at WWF, she was part of a team that planned, taught and coordinated the WWF-Allianz Southeast Climate Witness Program, which involved 24 students who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the WWF-HP Climate Camp in San Francisco, CA which brought together over 250 natural resource practitioners from over 30 countries to engage on climate adaptation. Jessica graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies. Jessica currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with family and friends, the beach, and eating (especially Mexican food).