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Jessi Kershner, M.M.A.
Senior Scientist
Jessi Kershner is a Senior Scientist at EcoAdapt, manages the Adaptation Consultation Program, and provides support on the State of Adaptation, CAKE, and Awareness to Action programs. Currently Jessi is leading several projects with the U.S. Forest Service aimed at helping them to incorporate climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning into Forest Plan revisions. Jessi also serves as the lead of EcoAdapt's Spatial Prioritization of Adaptation projects, which focus on ways to synthesize and translate spatial information - both climate and non-climate - to inform vulnerability assessments and develop targeted adaptation strategies.

Prior to joining EcoAdapt, Jessi served as project lead for selecting species, food web, and habitat indicators for Puget Sound ecosystems. This effort culminated in the selection of a final indicator portfolio for the Puget Sound Partnership to help measure the success of Puget Sound restoration. Other work includes a synthesis of the impacts of and adaptation options for ocean acidification in Puget Sound; evaluating social, economic, and environmental effects of stimulus funding on natural resource conservation and rural community development; and assessing the status of coastal water resources for the National Park Service. When not working, Jessi tries to get outside as often as possible whether it's to garden, hike, run, bike, fish, camp, cross country ski, or get dragged along on camera trapping adventures.