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Lauren Lynch, M.P.A.
Program Assistant
Lauren Lynch joined EcoAdapt in 2016 to assist in the coordination of the National Adaptation Forum. She is thrilled to join this team that brings the adaptation community together to help plan for a more resilient future. She is a proud Michigander who has spent the last four years living in Philadelphia. She holds a BA in Political Science and a MPA, concentrating in urban planning. Through this educational exposure, she discovered a passion for climate change and social justice issues.

Lauren gained professional experience with climate adaptation through her position at the Office of Energy and Sustainability for the City of Grand Rapids (Michigan). She developed a deep respect for the undertaking involved in reshaping planning in response to rapid climate through the implementation of a vulnerability assessment and the drafting of a climate adaptation plan. Lauren has also worked in the economically challenged neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia, where she helped to address the daily needs of vulnerable community members, and advocated for planning that would create a more environmentally, economically and socially equitable neighborhood.

Lauren currently volunteers with her local zoning committee and gives tours of local colonial mansions. In her free time, she enjoys long distance cycling, exploring historic sites and visiting tiny museums.