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Building capacity and bringing our partners from Awareness to Action are central to EcoAdapt's mission. Our adaptation experts have pioneered a series of innovative and interactive climate adaptation workshops to bring those engaged in the early stages of climate change adaptation from awareness to implementation. The underlying goals of the Awareness to Action: Climate Adaptation Workshops are to strengthen the ability of people working on the ground to respond to climate change and create a network wherein they can share knowledge, experiences and ideas, and develop plans focused on specific regions, species, or biomes.

All Awareness to Action (A2A) workshops are tailored to our partners' needs and designed to ensure participants leave ready to begin integrating climate adaptation into their work. EcoAdapt staff members have authored key literature on building resistance and resilience to climate change into conservation work. All workshops integrate the adaptation principles outlined in their work into applied training and product creation. Their foundational book, Climate Savvy: Adapting Conservation and Resource Management to a Changing World, is currently available.
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