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Check out what we've been up to in our quarterly update from EcoAdapt!
Check out the Winter 2017 edition of Adaptation Notes to catch up on all things EcoAdapt!
Check out what we've been up to in this quarterly update from EcoAdapt!
Fall is always a busy time at EcoAdapt - catch up on what our wonderful staff has been up to in the latest edition of Adaptation Notes!
It's been a busy summer at EcoAdapt with conference travel, new reports, and many other adaptation activities underway! See what we've been up to and learn more about upcoming events, including the National Adaptation Forum!
Read all about what EcoAdapt has been up to recently in our Spring 2016 newsletter! Also included - a rundown of where you can meet EcoAdapt staff in person at different adaptation events!
Take a peak at our Winter 2016 Newsletter to find out what we've been up to this winter, aside from throwing snowballs. You can also find out where EcoAdapt staff will be this spring!
Check out our Late Fall 2015 newsletter to find out what EcoAdapt is thankful for, and what adaptation activities we've been up to this fall!
Catch up on what EcoAdapt was doing all summer, and see where we are headed this fall!
Read all about EcoAdapt's involvement at the 2015 National Adaptation Forum!
What do water managers in the SE need? We couldn't do it without you! Marine adaptation, it's not passé. CAKE is hosting a meet and greet, don't miss it!
State of Adaptation operators are standing by! What's the secret behind Awareness to Action? Do you need help fishing? Or with something else? CAKE has a gift for you!
Helping promote climate-informed fisheries! Still climbing the Adaptation Ladder? Planning for a Climate Savvy Puget Sound Region. CAKE Focus group at the California Adaptation Forum!
A quarterly update from EcoAdapt!
Starring role in National Climate Assessment! High Time on the High Divide. National Adaptation Forum Lives... online! Are you navigating adaptation without a Dashboard?
Check out what we've been up to in this quarterly update from EcoAdapt!
Second inaugural National Adaptation Forum date and location announced! Have you heard of CATfish? Read all about Awareness to Action publications! Visit with ex-mayor Bloomberg. Input from the CAKE Advisory Committee!
2012 Annual Report is now available! Move your way up the Adaptation Ladder of Engagement. Attend the National Adaptation Forum webinar series! USFS gets Climate Savvy. Share your thoughts on the CAKE User Survey and win big!
We’re looking for southern adaptation. The heart of adaptation’s in Cleveland. G’day Marketplace. New icing on the CAKE!
Happy May Day! Adaptation in America - Inaugural success - Sierra Nevada Vulnerability Assessed - CAKE’s latest hit!
Happy Valentines Day! Great Work in the Great Lakes. Just ASK! CAKE’s latest hits! Monitoring gets Climate Savvy.
Check out what we've been up to in this quarterly update from EcoAdapt!
Check out what we've been up to in this quarterly update from EcoAdapt!