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In the Ether: Webinars, Presentations, Videos, and Podcasts
April 21, 2021
In celebration of Earth Day, we hosted a talk with expert Lara Hansen to talk all things resilience, adaptation, and how these concepts are connected to restoring our planet! Lara Hansen from EcoAdapt shared interesting insights and resources, including the platform—your online adaptation destination—and a Climate Change Adaptation Certification Tool.
April 2021
EcoAdapt scientist Laura Hilberg was recently interviewed for the Wild Utah podcast, produced by the Southern Utah Wilderness Association. The podcast episode focuses on conclusions from a new EcoAdapt report titled "Contribution of the America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Efforts", which highlights the climate change benefits that would likely be realized if 9 million acres of Utah public lands were permanently protected as wilderness.
June 11, 2019
America Adapts, host Doug Parsons interviews National Adaptation Forum attendees on their thoughts on the 2019 Forum and hopes for the Forum in 2021.
November 2016
On this America Adapts Podcast episode, EcoAdapt's WendyKay Gewiss and Alex Score discuss the upcoming 2017 National Adaptation Forum and its role in supporting adaptation despite the recent election results. Download the episode to learn more!
October 2016
Lara Hansen and Jennie Hoffman recently appeared on the America Adapts podcast. Listen to the episode to learn more about their book, Climate Savvy, the National Adaptation Forum, and many other adaptation topics.
The City of Bainbridge Island is updating it Comprehensive Plan and EcoAdapt is looking to make it Climate Savvy! In this podcast with Bainbridge Community Broadcasting, Lara explains why this is important and what can be done to make the city more resilient. Learn more about the whole process at

January 30, 2015
Join Lara as she shares her thoughts on climate change adaptation at the local community level.
March 2014
Sally Mauk interviews Lara for Montana Public Radio about climate change adaptation. Interview in Missoula, MT during a Crown of the Continent meeting.
Hear Lara explain why climate change is everyones concerns and talk a little bit about why she started EcoAdapt!

June 29, 2013
In 2012 the USFS adopted a new planning rule that for the first time explicitly requires assessment of relevant climate change impacts. In response to this change, EcoAdapt began to help forest managers assess vulnerabilities of key resources due to climate change and to incorporate climate adaptation into management practices. EcoAdapt and other partners first began working with USFS Region 5 and have recently expanded efforts into forests of Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. This presentation describes the California project and results, and discusses EcoAdapt's upcoming projects in Idaho and Montana and opportunities for collaboration within the Y2Y region.
June 26, 2013
The National Adaptation Forum brought together a group of federal, state and local agencies, tribal governments, private resource managers, scientists, engineers and sectoral interest groups to Denver, CO last March to share strategies, lessons, tools and information necessary to incorporate climate change into their work. Lara provided an overview of what happened at the forum and how FWS can continue to get engage in the future.
Are you a conservation practitioner or resource manager worried about climate change but not sure what to do about it? Watch our webinar recording with a panel of adaptation practitioners and get the help you need.
  • Be the first on your block to learn what we already know about how the climate is changing and what to expect.
  • Get insider tips on what others are doing to reduce their vulnerability and increase their adaptive capacity.
  • Find out why it all matters to you no matter what field you are in!
The webinar was held in a Help Desk format, so the audience's questions shaped the discussion. Topics included:
  • If you have to choose between parcels of land to preserve, how do you set criteria that will take climate change into consideration?
  • When you are managing protected areas, how do you need to adjust policies to adapt to changing conditions?
  • How will compliance with emissions regulations be affected by climate change?
  • How do we manage for extreme events like mega-fires and “hot drought,” whose frequency and severity are increasing due to climate change?
  • How can rivers be managed to sustain communities and ecosystems when water demand is rising and supply while supply decreases due to climate change, as is already the case in the Colorado River Basin?
  • What is the role of ecological restoration in a rapidly changing world?
Watch the Moore Foundation's grantee video and learn more about EcoAdapt's efforts to integrate climate change into existing place-based coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP) processes from Alaska down into California.
Jessi Kershner discusses the newly begun Climate Adaptation Project for the Sierra Nevada at the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Symposium. Jessi's presentation includes an overview of the project objectives and key partners, proposed methodology and timeline, description of final products, and how this project fits with Forest Plan revisions in California.
October 12-13, 2012
Freshwater Future and EcoAdapt teamed up again to offer the 5th climate adaptation symposium to learn how to incorporate climate change elements into existing work, connect with climate adaptation resources for your work, and network with others. See workshop testimonials from the Duluth Climate Symposium by David Syring.
Release of the Climate Change Action Plan for the Florida Reef System, a product of the Florida Reef Resilience Program. Speakers include Dr. Lara Hansen and others who worked on the plan.
Grab a paddle and pull. Lara Hansen, Ph.D., talks about how we can no longer disregard the inevitability of drastic climate change.
Drs. Jennie Hoffman and Lara Hansen of EcoAdapt discuss the basics of an adaptation philosophy, some examples of how people are starting to address the challenges of climate change in their work, and a new tool being developed to help the climate change adaptation planning community, the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE).
In Spanish
February 25- 29, 2008
Climate Camp, developed by the founders of EcoAdapt, was a five day program to help conservation practitioners, resource managers and others grappling with what to do about climate change develop a plan. Over the five days, Climate Campers will learn climate change basics, interact with experts and peers to develop project plans, and in the end share projects and develop resource networks to support your work forward in this field.

Dr. Lara Hansen speaks on adaptation at the 2007 Defender of Wildlife: Innovations in Wildlife Conservation Symposium