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In the Ether: EcoAdapt in the News
September 4, 2019
Executive Director Lara Hansen gave commentary on the CNN Climate Town Hall: "Communities all across our country are experiencing the effects of climate change. You hear it in the many questions being asked in this Democratic Town Hall. People are asking about the disparity in the effects of climate change based on income, race, gender or abilities, about the vulnerability of coastal communities and sea level rise, about our fossil-fuel economyís health effects, or citizens who have lost their homes to wildfire. Some of these individuals are fortunate to live in communities looking to develop strategies to reduce the impact. Participants in the National Adaptation Forum share these ideas across geographies and there is a whole database of these efforts waiting to be replicated by any of us. We can all work in our own communities, but it is slow going and a patchwork of small-scale actions is insufficient and inefficient in protecting us from many of the effects of climate change."
September 4, 2019
Executive Director Lara Hansen gave commentary on the CNN Climate Town Hall: "Letís be clear, taking no action on climate change is the riskiest action we can take. This includes proposals that commit us to continuing to invest in fossil fuel infrastructure -- including natural gas which emits greenhouse gases not only when it is burned to make energy, but also in its extraction, refining and distribution. Senator Elizabeth Warren aptly called the current state of affairs where inaction rules ďa nightmare.Ē Letís be clear, climate change is a monumental problem (as Senator Amy Klobuchar put it) and an existential crisis (as Senator Bernie Sanders reminded us) that we have spent over a century creating. It is a driver of the intensity of Hurricane Dorian, which is being reported on during this town hall. Letís be clear, we need a monumental solution but we do not have a century to enact it. We need bold, rapid action. "
July 22, 2016
In conjunction with Bainbridge Island's effort to update the comprehensive plan, EcoAdapt, in partnership with Foresight Partners Consulting, has been developing guidance and tools to make the process climate savvy. The Bainbridge Island Climate Impact Assessment is the culmination of this work. Lara talked to Bainbridge Community Broadcasting about the product and the need for the community to stay engaged. Listen to the podcast to learn more!
June 25, 2013
EcoAdapt's Dr. Lara Hansen on Obama's Climate Speech: "Real change and a better tomorrow can happen 'if we donít fear the future, instead we seize it.'Ē
National Wildlife Federation and EcoAdapt are using their jointly produced 2011 report: Restoring the Great Lakes Coastal Future, to work with this and other NOAA-Funded projects in an effort to help them address climate change.
Regardless of the ever changing political landscape, climate change isnít waiting for a majority vote, itís here now. Read more about how EcoAdapt and NWFís recent collaboration: Restoring the Great Lakesí Coastal Future: Technical Guidance for the Design and Implementation of Climate-Smart Coastal Restoration Projects in the Great Lakes Region stands up despite a recent PEW survey showing global warming toward the end of the list of public concerns.
Climate Savvy on Seasons End!
Review of Climate Savvy by Barbara McMichael in Kitsap Sun
Release of interim EcoAdapt report State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation in North America: A Synthesis of Emerging Ideas (July 2010)
EcoAdapt's Dr. Jennie Hoffman coauthored chapters of the newly released 'Scanning the Conservation Horizon: A Guide to Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.' A new guide released today offers conservationists and resource managers a way to understand the impact of climate change on species and ecosystems and will support efforts to safeguard these valuable natural resources.
EcoAdapt's Dr. Lara Hansen responds to the Salt Lake Tribune's article 'Climate change solultions go digital.'
The Salt Lake Tribune talks to EcoAdapt's Lara Hansen about the importance of CAKE and why it's part of the solution.
Release of interim EcoAdapt State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation in North America: A Synthesis of Emerging Ideas (July 2010)
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