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In the Ether: CAKE in the News
"CAKE aims to fill the gap by providing a ton of useful adaptation resources in one place. The site features a growing body of research and tools, including case studies, a virtual library, community forums, a directory, and online tools. Case studies show a range of plans and programs that can help communities model adaptation initiatives."
"Climate adaptation might be the last situation you could expect to have your cake and eat it too, but maybe this new Web site will help. CAKE is working to make useable, vetted information on climate change easily available and easy to understand. The site features case studies of how communities are addressing adaptation needs, a virtual library of resources, tools to help in making climate decisions, and a directory of members interested in making a difference. Stop by the site today and see what it has to offer you—or vice versa."
October/November 2010 issue, in The EBM Toolbox by Sarah Carr
CAKE "is building a shared knowledge base for managing natural systems in the face of rapid climate change. A joint project of EcoAdapt, a recognized leader in developing the concepts and practices of climate adaptation, and Island Press, for 27 years the leading publisher of solutions-based environmental information, CAKE vets and organizes the best available information on the topic; builds a community via an interactive online platform; creates a directory of practitioners to share knowledge and strategies; [and] identifies and explains data tools and information available from other sites."
Dr. Lara Hansen blogs on Data Basin about the need for adaptation action and CAKE role in facilitating that needed action: "A lot of work has already been done and many people are trying to make the change we need a reality. What we need specifically today are pilot projects to share field experience and show what adaptation might look like on the ground, tools to access state-of-the-art information on past disturbances and on future projections, and a vibrant peer network to discuss options."
Announcing the launch of CAKE