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Marine World Heritage Sites are not immune to the effects of climate change so EcoAdapt's Lara Hansen and Paul Marshall (Board Member)teamed up to help these "jewels of the ocean" figure out what to do about it. Check out what happened onborad in the Galapagos.
July 22, 2016
In conjunction with Bainbridge Island's effort to update the comprehensive plan, EcoAdapt, in partnership with Foresight Partners Consulting, has been developing guidance and tools to make the process climate savvy. The Bainbridge Island Climate Impact Assessment is the culmination of this work. Lara talked to Bainbridge Community Broadcasting about the product and the need for the community to stay engaged. Listen to the podcast to learn more!
The City of Bainbridge Island is updating it Comprehensive Plan and EcoAdapt is looking to make it Climate Savvy! In this podcast with Bainbridge Community Broadcasting, Lara explains why this is important and what can be done to make the city more resilient. Learn more about the whole process at http://ecoadapt.org/workshops/BICIA-workshop.