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Lara J. Hansen, Ph.D.
Letter from the Executive Director
Greetings and Salutations Gentle Reader,

Welcome to our website. We hope that you find it both informative and motivational--two key components of the EcoAdapt ethos.

When we started EcoAdapt in 2008, we thought it was a good idea but didn't really know if anyone else would agree. As we have discovered through myriad interactions and partnerships with individuals and organizations, there is certainly a need for a group such as ours that focuses on climate change adaptation. We have received generous support from foundations and have partnered with a variety of organizations; please check the Partners page to find more information.

We have developed four core programs around which our mission and activities are focused. These include:
  • State of Adaptation
  • Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)
  • Awareness to Action
  • Adaptation Consultations
I invite you to check out the Programs page to find out what we're doing and how we might be able to assist your efforts to incorporate climate change into what you do. Our efforts have attracted attention from a wide variety of outlets; the In the Ether section is continually updated with EcoAdapt mentions and activities.

EcoAdapt has attracted not only interesting partners and projects but a remarkable group of people that make it happen every day. Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience in climate change science, conservation, adaptation, and policy, and undertook some of the earliest work in this field, including developing Climate Camps to help managers, practitioners, and others create adaptation strategies applicable to their work. The bios on the Team page will give you background on and contact information for our staff members and you can check out the Library to find documents that we have authored on climate change adaptation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that you'll learn a little more about what we do, be inspired to participate in our efforts, and even become an EcoAdapt partner.

If our work moves you to want to get more involved, visit our Connect page and join our mailing list, contact us or make a donation. Your gift will help us and in return the IRS will give you the gift of a tax-deduction.

Adaptively yours,

Lara J. Hansen
Chief Scientist and Executive Director

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